What we do

We create opportunities for individuals and businesses to join a movement. A movement
that will provide educational interventions that give children tools to break out of their own
cycle of poverty.

We love the children of South Africa and we know you do too!


Education plays a significant role in reducing inequity. Investing in the most vulnerable children is documented to result in immediate and long-term benefits.

Your investment helps us partner with early childhood development centres to offer expertise, resources, programs, staff development, mentoring and coaching. This, in turn, provides a priceless gift to children to help them get the best possible educational start in life.


Steam Education: Fostering imagination development, ideation, wonder, critical thinking skills and problem-solving. Children develop the ability to think more broadly about real world problems and apply them to their environment.

Sports development: Developing character, enhancing wellness, gross motor skill development and promoting team work. We believe that developing sporting skills early in life could increase the opportunities to obtain sporting scholarships in high school.

Character development: Incorporating relationship building, kindness, empathy and good behaviour to help children grow into adults displaying virtues that are good for society at large.


It is important to use social research as a tool to guide the theory of change and to implement monitoring and evaluation. In addition, social research directs program development and ensures real needs are being met.

Join a movement of people who are passionate in equipping future generations to break the cycle of poverty. 

Our vision is to see the future generations of South Africa freed from the cycle of poverty.

Help break the cycle of poverty for future generations.

2018 Annual Report

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Philile is connecting a team of warriors to help children break out of the cycle of poverty.
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PBO no. 930033037
NPO no. 085 - 986

Black Beneficiary Status:
Black, SA Beneficiaries: 80%
B-BBEE SED Recognition: 100%


Tel + 27 (0)72 984 7217


245 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg
North, South Africa

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