Helping children break the cycle of poverty through education and skills development.

40% of African children have never been taught how to read or write.

This means less than 47 of every 100 African children do not even reach grade 12. Put another way, half of our country’s future generations remain uneducated, stuck in a cycle of poverty. Life without basic education is a life without hope or opportunity.

“Denying hundreds of millions of children a fair chance in life does more than threaten their futures – by fuelling intergenerational cycles of disadvantage, it imperils the future of their societies.”

Anthony Lake
Executive Director , UNICEF

We have a choice: Invest in these children now or allow our world to remain unequal and divided.

Unless the world tackles inequity today, in 2030

million children live in extreme poverty

million children under age 5 will die between 2016 and 2030

million children of primary school age will be out of school

Your investment can change the narrative.

Your investment will provide tools for children to write new stories over their lives.
Courageous stories, hope-filled stories, inspirational stories.

Lebo is a determined, feisty 4-year old, who confidently tells anyone who will listen that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Her unbridled enthusiasm for a world of possibilities causes mixed emotions for Lebo’s parents. They love that she can dream and imagine a life beyond their current reality, but it
also conjures up feelings of sadness. They are acutely aware that living in an informal settlement means limited opportunities for high-quality educational interventions and opportunities.

Your investment today will impact the
future generations of South Africa

Imagine being part of a movement that equips children in South Africa to break out of the cycle of poverty? Your investment will provide educational opportunities that will help children unlock a future of endless possibilities.

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"An oasis in the city"

“Your school is a very special place – an oasis in the inner city! A safe, stimulating place for young children to flourish. The love and care shown to all the children and sound education principles set them on a solid foundation for their future learning.”

Mabel, Mother of a child at Philile Hillbrow

"A place to thrive"

“Our little girl, Tutu, has grown into a confident, self-assured and inquisitive child. She has thrived under the guidance, kindness and encouragement of her teachers and she has enjoyed every single day she has spent at Philile.”

Mother of a child at Philile Hillbrow

"Bravely defeating insurmountable odds"

“It has been a humbling experience to be involved with Philile. I am inspired to see that even in the challenging environments that the teachers and management staff work in, battling against sometimes insurmountable odds, the Philile team always makes it a success. Most importantly, I will never get tired of the happy and contented faces of our learners.

James, The Philile Foundation Board of Directors 2012 – 2017

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Do Circumstances Lock Children into Their Destiny?

Do Circumstances Lock Children into Their Destiny?

On the 16th of June, 1991, a beautiful baby boy was born to a 16-year old mother in a township. His upbringing was tough; some days he didn’t know if he would have anything to eat, his bed was made of pillows laid on the floor and there were times he didn’t have shoes...

2018 Annual Report

Help break the
cycle of poverty for
future generations.

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Bank: First National Bank  |  Branch Code: 254 405
Acc Name: Philile Foundation
Acc Number: 62352506227