Sindiswe, lovingly known as Teacher Sindi, started working at Philile Hillbrow 10 years ago as a cook. Though she desired to work with preschool children, she was not qualified. Through your partnership, we were able to send Sindi to Play with a Purpose, an early education teaching programme. She then qualified with her Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development NQF Level 4 and started teaching with us. During this time, Sindi also learned how to work well within a team and the running of a pre-school was modelled for her. Today, she is the Head ECD Practitioner at Philile Hillbrow.

Sindi is overcome with emotion as she explains what this means to her. She has worked hard, together with her team, to create a nurturing learning experience for the children. Sindi enthusiastically shares that the children teach her new things every day. She loves learning about new cultures through the children and their parents. Sindi explains that, when past learners thrive at primary school, parents make sure to send their younger siblings to Philile Hillbrow.

Your partnership has strengthened Sindi by creating the opportunity to become a qualified ECD Practitioner and providing the experience for her to do what she loves. It has given us the knowledge that the children and staff at Philile Hillbrow are in good hands. It has made our intent to develop the skills of ECD Practitioners a reality. It has given parents security in entrusting their children to Philile Hillbrow. It has given the children a well-qualified, loving, invested role-model, which means a solid foundation for their future.

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