Education brings about opportunity, and in turn inspiration.” Bill Frist

What a privilege for us to build into the lives of our ECD Practitioner’s by giving them opportunities to increase their skills and knowledge. Not only will these skills be beneficial to the Philile ECD Centre’s but also to the communities, which we operate in. It is important to us that our ECD Centre’s have a positive social impact on the surrounding community.

Philile Staff are provided with numerous opportunities for skills development through the generous funding of our partners and donors. This time the staff attended a refresher First Aid Course which covered amongst other things – safety and accident prevention, CPR, choking, management of bleedings and wounds, poisonous bites and stings, heart attack and strokes.

Thank you to Lisa Blecher for Facilitating the course. Her comments to me after the training:

You work with a great group of people. Thanks for the opportunity to train them. I hope that they enjoyed the course as much as I enjoyed training them.”

You can contact Lisa on for more information on the first aid services, which she offers.

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