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Why we believe providing 2 x hot meals per day is SO important!

At the Philile Foundation we firmly believe that providing two, nutritious hot meals and two x healthy snacks per day are critical to our children’s development and their ability to concentrate in the classroom.

Anthony Lake Executive Director of UNICEF says:

I used to think that early childhood development was all about education. That if we taught a child her colours and shapes, her letters and numbers, it would stimulate her mind and encourage healthy brain growth. And that is very true.

But we now know that it takes more than education for a child’s brain to develop – a lot more. And what we are learning should ignite a revolution in how we think about and act on early childhood development. We already knew how critical the first years of a child’s life are to the healthy development of her brain. During those early years, almost 1000 brain cells connect every second – a pace never matched again.

Anthony Lake goes on to say:

So when we stimulate a child’s mind by playing with her, talking to her, and reading to her, we feed her developing brain. A child lacking in the attention she gets from a caring family is not only less happy now. Her ability to live and learn fully later is affected. When we nourish a child’s body with the proper nutrition, we are also feeding her brain and facilitating those neural connections. And when we care for her and protect her from violence and abuse, we are also buffering her brain from the toxic stress that can break those critical connections and hamper healthy brain development.” Source: https://blogs.unicef.org/blog/a-revolution-in-early-childhood-development/

According to the World Health Organisation the most critical phase of life is early childhood development. Empirical research has shown that interventions provided timeously have positive long-term effects on children’s overall health, wellbeing and competence.

Consider these frightening statistics cited by the World Health Organisation:

‘A 2007 series on Early Child Development in The Lancet estimated that more than 200 million children under five in the developing world do not fulfil their potential. The major reasons for their disadvantage are poor nutrition and few opportunities to learn in desperately poor families. The WHO’s Commission on the Social Determinants of Health recognized the importance of early childhood development to equity, adult health, wellbeing and productivity.’ Source: http://www.who.int/maternal_child_adolescent/topics/child/development/en/


If you feel as strongly about this as we do, why not consider partnering with us to ensure that we can keep feeding 200 children – not one, but two hot meals a day! Just R150.00 per month feeds a child.


Contact the Philile Foundation – info@philile.org to discuss how you can support us in, not only educating the children attending our ECD Centers, but feeding them too.

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