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Philile Wish list for 2016


In order to run the Philile Foundation with excellence, we are need of the following items for 2016. If you or your company could assist us – we would be most grateful.

• Solar panels (Philile Diepsloot)
• Solar stove and fridge (Philile Diepsloot)
• Burglar bars and a security gate (Philile Diepsloot and Hillbrow)
• Shade net for the playground (Philile Diepsloot)
• 7 x gas heaters (Philile Diepsloot and Hillbrow)
• 7 x office chairs on wheels (Philile Diepsloot)
• 2 x JoJo water tanks (Philile Diepsloot)
• 8 x standing fans (Philile Hillbrow)
• 50 x children’s plastic chairs (Philile Diepsloot)
• Theme (animals, transport etc.) books and posters (Philile Diepsloot)
• 2 x dark brown book shelves (Philile Diepsloot)
• Skipping ropes, soccer balls (Philile Diepsloot and Hillbrow)
• 10 x black plastic motorbikes (Philile Diepsloot)
• Good quality children’s clothing ages 2-6 years (Philile Diepsloot and Hillbrow)
• 75 x children’s mattresses for nap time at school (Philile Diepsloot & Hillbrow)
• Plastic containers with lids – various sizes (Philile Diepsloot and Hillbrow)
• Toy cars / dolls (Philile Diepsloot)
• 3 x Gazebo’s (Philile Diepsloot and Cosmo City)
• Wendy house (Philile Diepsloot)
• Children’s themed costumes for example Cinderella, Batman etc.

2016 will be an exciting year as we look to break ground in building Phase 1 of our pre-school in Cosmo City. It will assist us greatly to have the building materials sponsored. If you have any contacts in the building industry or if your company would like to use some of its CSI spend on developing an ECD Centre in Cosmo City, please contact Jenn Coles at jenn@philile.org

A massive thank you for your ongoing support of the Philile Foundation.

We appreciate it immensely!



May 2016 be a year of impact, great joy and blessing!

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