Philile Cosmo City

We are excited about the development of a third Philile pre-school in Cosmo City. Northwest of Joburg’s city centre is a R3.5-billion development to cater for people with mixed scales of income.
On completion, the population of Cosmo City is expected to be between 65 000 to 70 000 people. Many of these people have been relocated from neighbouring informal settlements into subsidised housing.

The project covers an area of 1100 hectares, of which over 200 hectares have been preserved as public open spaces and conservation areas.

The Cosmo City Project also includes 15 schools, clinics, libraries, churches, taxi ranks, shopping centres, business sites, petrol station and an industrial site, thus ensuring a fully sustainable town.

The Project will ensure that the children are able to attend the same schools, share the recreation facilities and grow up together without the discrimination of income, race or religion – thus ensuring a totally cosmopolitan society.

Our aim is to set up a Philile Pre-school that serves this community.

This pre-school will accommodate over 100 children in the heart of the Ext 6 community. Our undeveloped land is in a prime location adjacent to an area set aside for a park. In addition to providing quality pre-school education, we envisage offering other opportunities to empower, educate and build the community; from homework clubs, adult education to mom’s and tots groups, we want to ensure that the facility is used to its max.

Having purchased two adjoining plots of land we are awaiting the process of consolidation to be completed. Our Site Development Plan is currently sitting at Town Planning for approval.

Anna Lecweleng

Anna Lecweleng

Anna came on board with us at the start of 2012. Her passion and drive for community development grabbed our attention the moment we met her. Anna has completed the Play-With-A-Purpose course but her real heart lies in the arena of social work. She is strengthening our relations within the Cosmo City community and we envisage her playing a key role in Philile Cosmo in the future.