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MD of the Flight Centre visits Philile Diepsloot

Early in May, Philile Diepsloot hosted a visit from the Managing Director of the Flight Centre for the UK and Southern Africa, Mr Chris Galanti. Chris was keen to visit Philile Diepsloot to witness some of the work, which the Flight Centre Foundation has faithfully supported since the early years of the Philile Foundation.


Mr Galanti enjoyed the visit immensely and was extremely moved by the warmth and acceptance of the children.


The children performed a number of songs and rhymes for Chris, they also proudly displayed the Lego planes, which they had constructed. Our children love using the Lego donated by Care for Education and the Lego Foundation.


We cannot thank enough organisations like the Flight Centre for the ongoing investment in the lives of our young children. The social impact will have ripple effects for years to come. Visit the Flight Centre Foundation website for more information about the amazing work they are doing in uplifting communities and supporting NGO’s.





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