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In Memoriam Khazamula John Manganye 1962-03-15 – 2016-07-23

It is with deep sadness that we said an untimely goodbye to John Manganye in a very tragic set of circumstances.

John has been the gardener at Philile Diepsloot since its inception in 2010 and was married to Priscilla, the cook at Diepsloot.

John 2016

A man much loved by the children in the school as well as the community at large, John embodied hard work, a generous spirit and an innate sense of justice.

He patiently tended the grass in the shade that struggled to grow on the school property, kept the gardens neat and tidy, exerted a firm but gentle hand of discipline when needed and acted as a listening ear to many community members. He was a father figure to so many of our children.

John stood up for everything good in very harsh and often dangerous living conditions. A member of the Diepsloot community policing forum – John ultimately lost his life in working towards a better life for all in Diepsloot Extension 12.

A man, who never complained, raised his voice or acted grumpy or irritable. A trustworthy man who we could depend on, who quietly got on with the job and was proud of his work.

A dear friend and colleague – John we will miss your smile, your gentle presence and your quiet strength.

Until we meet again…

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