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Graduation ceremonies are a special time for the teachers, children and parents of any school.  It is a culmination of a year of hard work and a signal that the child has achieved all he/she needs to to move onto into the next phase of life.

At Philile the parents become very involved with the Graduation ceremony and it is always a great opportunity to connect with the families of the children we teach.  This is also a time where volunteers, donors and people who are closely related to Philile get the chance to come and visit at the different sites and celebrate with the children in this highlight of their school career.

Here are some photos of our Hillbrow and Diepsloot graduations:

Hillbrow Graduation end November 2014 017

Hillbrow Graduation end November 2014 033

Hillbrow Graduation end November 2014 043

Diepsloot Graduation 21 November 2014 033

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