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Exploring the wonderful world of Lego!

The Philile Foundation received a generous donation of 18 boxes of Duplo from Care for Education. Along with the donation of Duplo bricks, the Philile Staff spent a fun morning being trained on how to best use this valuable resource. The training is offered by Care for Education as a hands-on workshop so that participants will come away with practical ways to integrate the materials with their teaching curriculum.


Philile Staff at the Lego Training workshop


We are incredibly excited at how Lego can be used in our ECD Centres. It is already a hit amongst our children.

Just a few of the benefits of Lego for children:

  1. Lego provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment;
  2. It teaches children to think in three dimensions;
  3. It improves literacy as children work with instructions;
  4. It develops problem-solving, organisation, and planning by construction;
  5. It improves creativity;
  6. It enhances communication and critical thinking; and
  7. It boosts motor development.


Lego bricks

A big thank you to Care for Education for providing us with this phenomenal resource!

Care for Education is a non-profit organisation (NPO) which provides Charity resources, through the LEGO Foundation, to children- and schools-in-need, as well as providing effective training to the teachers to maximise the benefits of the resources.

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