Wish list

Philile Wish list for 2016

In order to run the Philile Foundation with excellence, we are need of the following items for 2016. If you or your company could assist us – we would be most grateful. • Solar panels (Philile Diepsloot) • Solar stove and fridge (Philile Diepsloot) • Burglar bars and a security gate (Philile Diepsloot and Hillbrow) • Shade net for the playground (Philile Diepsloot) •

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Philile wishlist for 2014

Can you or your company assist with any of the following: 2 Gas Heaters 2 Cameras “JOJO” water tank Chest Freezer Kids matresses 40 matress covers Paint and labour (toilet and kitchen at Diepsloot and Lauren’s office at Hillbrow) Classroom boards to be hung Five desk chairs for teachers Two tall wooden shelves for Diepsloot Three fire extinguishers need to be hung Freestanding shelves

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