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Thank you to our generous partners!

Sindiswe, lovingly known as Teacher Sindi, started working at Philile Hillbrow 10 years ago as a cook. Though she desired to work with preschool children, she was not qualified. Through your partnership, we were able to send Sindi to Play with a Purpose, an early education teaching programme. She then qualified with her Further Education and Training Certificate: Early Childhood Development NQF Level 4

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Inspiring Hope and Change – Meet Violet Nzimande!

South Africa is a land bursting with opportunity; opportunity to mobilise her people towards a collective voice of life and vibrancy. Some might consider her realities and hang their heads low in fear, in dismay, in despondence. But, as a superhero uses their unique power to save a damsel in distress, South Africa has in her midst not one, but multiple heroes, who are

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Your Partnership is Building The Future Generations of South Africa!

Whether you give of your resources, time or talents to The Philile Foundation, your generosity enables us to create resilient communities by means of quality educational services, skills development and social research. You don’t always get to see the significant impact that your partnership has made on our staff, the parents and children at our Early Childhood Development centres and within the wider community.

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A fond farewell to Lauren

It was with much sadness that we said a fond farewell to Lauren Le Roux who has been the Principal of Philile ECD Centre’s for the last 9.5 half years. Lauren will be returning to her hometown of Cape Town and starting a new season of her life there. In 2008, Lauren was instrumental in recruiting the 8 children that commenced their pre-school education

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In Memoriam Khazamula John Manganye 1962-03-15 – 2016-07-23

It is with deep sadness that we said an untimely goodbye to John Manganye in a very tragic set of circumstances. John has been the gardener at Philile Diepsloot since its inception in 2010 and was married to Priscilla, the cook at Diepsloot. A man much loved by the children in the school as well as the community at large, John embodied hard work,

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Why we believe providing 2 x hot meals per day is SO important!

At the Philile Foundation we firmly believe that providing two, nutritious hot meals and two x healthy snacks per day are critical to our children’s development and their ability to concentrate in the classroom. Anthony Lake Executive Director of UNICEF says: “I used to think that early childhood development was all about education. That if we taught a child her colours and shapes, her

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Philile ECD Centre’s – A happy place!


To live To love To Learn – the motto of the Philile Foundation.

Visit a Philile Pre-School on any given day and you will notice immediately what a happy place it is for our children and Staff.
















Every day is a fun day as we live we love we learn!



A very big thank-you to the Flight Centre Foundation for the donation of 75 children’s mattresses for Philile Diepsloot and Philile Hillbrow. These mattresses are made use of daily, as our children take a compulsory nap after lunch. Thank you so much to Diane Cleary and the Flight Centre Foundation for the continued support and commitment to the Philile Foundation! The Flight Centre Foundation is the

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The Dentist visits Philile Hillbrow

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, tooth decay is the single most common chronic disease during childhood. It is never too early to encourage healthy dental hygiene for children. Pediatric dental care ensures a child’s primary teeth stay healthy and free of decay and other dental diseases. With this in mind, the children at Philile Diepsloot received a visit from the dentist.

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Exploring the wonderful world of Lego!

The Philile Foundation received a generous donation of 18 boxes of Duplo from Care for Education. Along with the donation of Duplo bricks, the Philile Staff spent a fun morning being trained on how to best use this valuable resource. The training is offered by Care for Education as a hands-on workshop so that participants will come away with practical ways to integrate the materials with their teaching curriculum.

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