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Philile is a non-profit organisation that exists to transform the lives of children and communities in South Africa through early childhood development services.

Why Early Education is Critical to Future Success

Changes in globalisation, technology and work are rapidly transforming the world we live in. This ‘new’ world either holds the promise of a beautiful future that is more connected, efficient and equal, or a future of struggle and increased inequality, as unprepared communities are unable to keep the pace. The answer to avoiding the latter and harnessing the former lies in transforming the education

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Crossing the Monitoring and Evaluation Bridge in Education – Together

Is there a point to an educational intervention if it doesn’t arrive at the destination it was created for in the first place? Dreaming up a vision to build into the lives of our future generations can be simple, especially in a country like South Africa, where there are so many young minds ripe with potential. It might even come naturally to develop solutions

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Joining Hands with Philile Hillbrow’s “Mother of Nations”

Partnership with The Philile Foundation means joining hands with individuals who are working to create resilient communities. Nozizwe is one such individual. She has been volunteering at Philile Hillbrow, which is based at The Children’s Memorial Institute, for the past three years. When she married the eldest of thirteen, she chose not to have children of her own, as her mother-in-law needed help raising

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